(Co-authored) The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings, 8th Edition

Bart D. Ehrman and Hugo Méndez
New York: Oxford University Press

Featuring vibrant full color throughout, the eighth edition of Bart D. Ehrman’s highly successful introduction approaches the New Testament from a consistently historical and comparative perspective, emphasizing the rich diversity of the earliest Christian literature. New to this edition, Hugo Méndez has brought fresh perspectives to the text. Distinctive to this study is The New Testament’s unique focus on the historical, literary, and religious milieux of the Greco-Roman world, including early Judaism. As part of its historical orientation, the book also discusses other Christian writings that were roughly contemporary with the New Testament, such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Apocalypse of Peter, and the letters of Ignatius.


  • The #1-selling New Testament introduction in the U.S.
  • Takes a strong historical and comparative approach, not a doctrinal or theological one, and also presents literary and material aspects of the New Testament

New Features:

  • Revised chapters and sections to present students with newer approaches to these texts, including an extensively revised chapter on the Synoptic Problem, introducing students to the traditional Four-Source Hypothesis and the increasingly popular Farrer Hypothesis.
  • A new excursus on doing research in early Christianity, which equips readers with the leading resources in the field.
  • A new “Commentaries” section within the “Suggestions for Further Reading” part of many chapters that connects students to the best studies of the individual biblical texts explored in the chapter.
  • Updated and increasingly diverse readings in the “Suggestions for Further Reading” section.

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