Misquoting Jesus Podcast: “Is the Gospel of John a Forgery?”

Last month, I recorded a podcast episode with my colleague Bart Ehrman (that, well, wow, has amassed 100k views). Here’s the official description:

In this special episode, Bart takes a turn at doing the interviewing, talking to his colleague Hugo Mendez about the Gospel of John. Scholars have long argued that the Gospel of John — named after Jesus’ disciple John the Son of Zebedee — was in fact written by someone else. Only later in Christian tradition was it ascribed to John. In that view, the author himself is not a “forger” — that is, he did not claim to be a famous person knowing he was someone else. The book was anonymous*: the author never names himself and so can’t be blamed for later readers mistaking his identity. But in fact *is there evidence that the author wanted his readers to think he was one of Jesus’ closest disciples, and that he left hints for them in the book. If so — and if he wasn’t who he intimated he was — isn’t John a forgery?

Check it out on Youtube.