The Daily Beast: “Everyone’s Favorite Gospel is a Forgery”

In a Daily Beast piece released this past Sunday (3/7/20), professor and writer Candida Moss profiles my new article“Did the Johannine Community Exist?” I’m grateful to see my work translated so effectively to a popular audience—a special gift of Candida’s—and I’m especially honored by the many endorsements of my article littered throughout the piece (here offered as a teaser for the article):

“[Mendez’s article is] destined to be a classic.”
– Mark Goodacre (Duke University)

“[Mendez’s arguments make] important contributions to the ongoing discussion about the aims and historical contexts of Johannine literature.”
– Adele Reinhartz (University of Ottowa, current SBL president)

“Mendez has offered a vigorous challenge to the scholarly impulse to infer social realities from the texts of the Gospel and Epistles of John. His work will no doubt provoke a useful debate about the methods of analyzing early Christian social realities and literary practices.”
– Harold Attridge (Yale University, former SBL and CBA president)

“A provocative and well-argued article…”
– Candida Moss herself (University of Birmingham)

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